Welcome to the boring page! Thank You so much for taking the time to have a look at my work. It means a lot to me that you are here.  This is where I have to explain what I do and who I am. Instead of trying to over explain, I am going to keep it simple...   So it reflects who I am...  so a little bit about me...

I started shooting at 18...  29 years ago...   I was originally taught by German Master Photographers...  I have shot for huge International Corporations and also small Family Businesses...   I can single-handedly pose a group of 400 people...  I know how to get a newborn baby to sleep...  my Studio is my sanctuary where a session feels more like a visit...  I LOVE my Mac... that can also be said about my Nikons...  I absolutely love dogs, the bigger the better...    there has been no good music past 1989 (with the exception of the Foo Fighters)...  I love vinyl records because of the sound but mostly for the album covers...  I have been to so many Weddings I do believe I could Officiate the ceremony...  my teenage Daughter out fishes me, can hit a baseball further, can snorkel deeper and snowboard hills that scare me...  my Wife runs marathons for fun, she has ran Boston...  I am in awe of her...  I am very lucky and love where I live, Collingwood, Ontario...  if you have never been you really should visit...  Tobermory is one of my most favourite places, rattlesnakes, cliffs and freezing clear water...  so is Mexico for the same reasons except the water is warmer and there are sea turtles...  speaking of Mexico, I once jumped back in the water to get a picture of a 5 foot barracuda...  amongst friends I am known for my margaritas and martinis...  Friends always call me Knox, Knoxy or Johnny never just John...  what they call me depends on how many margaritas and martinis I have made them...  I am Scottish and can do a mean accent for fun...  when I BBQ, its a whole hog for 100 friends in my backyard...  I do miss my darkroom...  since I was little I have always loved looking through a camera.  

Well...  that is a little bit about me. If you would like to talk about a portrait idea, the plans for your Wedding or you need help posing 400 people at your corporate event...  I would love to hear from you.

Thanks again for visiting my site.


Me being a Dad, This photo hangs in my Studio...  it is my favourite one even though it is over 10 years old.